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“Franco Montanelli Style” is our magazine to stay update on our activities and our partners‘ activities. Stay connected to discover some fun curiosities related to the clothing sector and beyond…

You will find insights and curiosities related to the fascinating world of fashion and tailoring!

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My father loved shirts. He wore them every day, it was undoubtedly the garment that [...]

Fashion fades, only style remains the same

For many of our customers the tailored shirt has become a joyful habit. It is [...]


Twenty years have passed since that August 18, when my father and I opened the [...]

Make a gift from Lucca!

“Buy less, choose well, make it last. Quality, not quantity” Vivienne Westwood After a long [...]

I nostri costumi da amare!

Selezione di costumi da bagno da uomo di nostra produzione e di produttori italiani. Se [...]

Flourish again

“Laundry without a man’s shirt is sad laundry” Ian Fleming How many of us, when [...]

The Friendly Fabric

Who hasn’t had a pair of jeans as a best friend? The kind that were [...]

Life is full of opportunities

“Life is full of opportunities. The problem is to recognize them when they present themselves, and [...]