Twenty years have passed since that August 18, when my father and I opened the shop in Lucca, after months of work and sacrifice.

A lot has changed since then, first of all it has been almost ten years since my father passed and was no longer there to accompany me on this journey. What remains of Franco Montanelli, however,  is not just the name or the walls of the shop.

If, to evaluate the success of a business, we usually resort to numbers, including sales revenues, the customers, the employees and suppliers who are more or less famous, I personally still use a method that I have learned over time, thanks to my father Franco: the preservation of that initial spirit that inspired everything.

It’s about adhering to the same ethical and commercial principles as the people who founded the business. It means following in the footsteps of family history, enrooted in fertile ground whose fruits have been many… which has certainly had its obstacles, but which has brought me exactly where I am today.

For this I can say without a doubt that our shop is a success: because we continue to be faithful to our ideals, to recognise its value, because over time we have not only had customers, but friends, affection and warmth. We have surrounded ourselves with people whom we trust, who over the years have become indispensable features of our shop. We have sold goods, yes, but we have also given our attention, our time and our consideration. All this not to sell more goods, but because this is our job, and this is how we like to do it.


We would like to thank all our customers from all latitudes (without exaggerating, we assure you), who in recent years have trusted us, have remained close to us, and have believed in us.


Thank you so much!

If you want to retrace our history from the beginning (we are talking about almost a hundred years, but we promise, the few lines in which we have condensed them won’t bore you!), take a look at our website, and, even if just for a minute, you will be a part of it too.