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My father loved shirts. He wore them every day, it was undoubtedly the garment that represented him the most. Whether they were plain, striped, patterned, made of cotton or linen, it didn’t matter: shirts were his trademark. But the one he preferred, the one that for him best embodied the essence of a shirt, was the one with blue and white checks. Simple but different from the classics. Much like him, a simple person, but far from banal.

Since I was a boy, checks have always been particularly fascinating to me.

Sonrisa Ethico blue check shirt

I am thinking of the tartan of the Scottish Highlands, a fabric (historically made of wool) made up of strips of colours, arranged in patterns which intersect with each other to form the characteristic chess board. Wearing kilts, skirts, sashes, scarves or other garments embroidered with the family tartan is a sign of belonging to one’s clan. In this sense the tartan is much more than a simple check: it becomes a symbol.

But there is not just the historic Tartan, the check has thousands of versions of itself, a thousand ways of expressing itself.

You can find shirts with small or large checks, with just two or many different colors.

Rota has made checked trousers one of its fortés, for those who want to stand out without showing-off, for those who choose originality and class. Tailored trousers for those who love quality, with elegant and never banal checks.

And there are infinite possibilities of choice among the fabrics for made-to-measure suits and jackets, in which checks manage to give their all: a unique and unmistakable style, classic but never predictable.

A check is not just a pattern, it is a piece of fabric history that has crossed families, clans, countries and trends, leaving indelible traces and making itself a fundamental part of fashion.

Pantaloni Rota lana quadri blu



And you, which clan do you belong to?