Fashion fades, only style remains the same

For many of our customers the tailored shirt has become a joyful habit. It is not just a luxury or a treat, but a custom that, once experienced, is difficult to do without.
Tailored shirts are made for us, they fit us perfectly, dress us like a second skin and give us an experience that a standard, ready-made shirt, even of excellent quality, simply cannot give us.

We make shirts and carve out a space for ourselves in the middle of the strips of fabric. If you want, you can find out more about tailored shirts here.

We often have the pleasure of offering this service not just within our store, but also as an at-home service. In addition to all the tools of the trade, to go to our customers’ homes we arm ourselves with folders containing our trusted samples. This allows us to describe the fabrics down to the smallest detail, to show the range present, the many nuances available, to touch the difference between one fabric and the other.

It is true that with a sample you can not have the same idea that the spread fabric can offer us, the one that we will then ultimately use for the shirt, but it is still a valid ally, an ideal substitute to allow us to give the customer awareness of the myriad possibilities that are hidden behind a tailored shirt.

n addition, they are also beautiful, don’t you think?