Life is full of opportunities


Life is full of opportunities. The problem is to recognize them when they present themselves, and that isn’t always easy”

Tiziano Terzani

By definition, opportunity is a circumstance that makes it possible for something to happen, or that provides the opportunity for something to be done. Opportunity is in itself an unexpected and temporarily favorable situation.

Our Pituitary glands start to release endorphins and our brains begin to assess the situation, taking stock of the positive and negative aspects before us. This contrast can increase our heart rate, and give our moods a boost.

The idea of not knowing how to seize the moment could make us act on impulse, and run the risk of disappointment, but at the same time sometimes it is difficult to resist the call of opportunities. And those times that we do give up, we feel as though we’ve lost something and an unpleasant feeling settles in our guts, and stays there until… next time!


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