Flourish again

“Laundry without a man’s shirt is sad laundry”

Ian Fleming

How many of us, when we open our wardrobes, feel a thrill of pleasure upon seeing our well-pressed shirts hanging inside? White, multi-coloured, plain, stripes or patterns. Shirts for every occasion: elegant, casual, black tie, everyday shirts…

A shirt is not a simple item of clothing to fill a wardrobe. It is the item that can make all the difference: the choice of the right shirt can make us feel at ease in any situation, and be appropriate to every season, all it takes is the right choice of material.

Today we’d like to present a shirt that isn’t particularly classic, but definitely original and unmissable: the floral shirt.

A symbol of rebirth, flowers have the incredible power to sprout and grow in the most adverse situations, between the gaps on pavements, in the fissures on the walls, through cracks in cement. It is life taking back space in hostility and austerity. Flowers could be our symbol for this historic period that has been dragging on for over a year now, and that continues to wear us down. For this reason, we have chosen our floral shirt, hoping to wear a little of the spring we so look forward to and deserve, to carry on our backs the buds of new and more hopeful days to come. And to see them bloom.

Sonrisa Camicia floreale
Camicia Franco Montanelli fantasia azzurra
Flowers shirt by Franco Montanelli
Sonrisa Blue Flowers Patterned Shirt
Camicia Sonrisa fiori azzurra

All the shirts that you can see in our shop in Lucca and on our website www.francomontanelli.com are made with the best fabrics in the world, selected with the utmost care. Different patterns are available and can be made to measure under the Franco Montanelli label, customized down to the smallest detail.

A new selection of Italian and international floral fabrics offers a number of possibilities to satisfy everyone’s taste: from the unmistakeable Zephir English cotton, to the Panamini prints to the denim patterns and the Seersucker cotton designs, all Made in Italy. So many opportunities to treat yourselves to a dream made-to-measure shirt, entirely made from exquisite and unique craftsmanship, all made in Lucca.

We also offer a broad range of shirts made by the company Sonrisa from Bergamo, historically the owners of the greatest Italian tradition in the field of fabrics. Since 1993, Sonrisa makes shirts with the finest fabrics, that are 100% Italian, with passion and care, and an eye on sustainability, an aspect which we hold particularly dear. Some of these are included in the available made to measure options. Whatever you choose, we know it will be the best choice.

A laundry without a shirt – and, we’d like to add – a floral shirt, is a sad laundry. We look forward to seeing you to bring joy to your laundry – and to you!

Not only shirts…

Fun facts

In the 1800’s, in the Victorian era, floriography was widely popular; the printing and diffusion of flower books, illustrated books that featured floral paintings and lithography. At the time, floral decorations were unmissable: flowers were used to communicate messages in code or emotions whose expression was prevented by the extreme modesty of the time. Flowers gained specific meanings, whose significance has trickled down even today: the use of the mimosa to celebrate International Women’s Day, red roses represent passion, and the ear of wheat as a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

Wouldn’t it be nice to speak through our shirts as well?