Make a gift from Lucca!

“Buy less, choose well, make it last. Quality, not quantity”

Vivienne Westwood

After a long break from our newsletter, we have decided to come back, and first of all, we do apologize for this prolonged absence. The last few months have been eventful and there has been no lack of difficulties. Perhaps we needed time to tidy up our ideas and… the shop!

We have, and are still doing, a great deal of work to update the site with our new services, in order to improve its images and texts, and to make new products available. This period has helped us nurture partnerships with our producers and has allowed us to expand the range of our own-brand garments, something that was particularly dear to us.

But enough about us, what about you!

Card holder in Palmellato red leather

Credit card holder in leather made in Tuscany

Two-tone cashmere hat

Pure cashmere knitted caps

Restelli men's blue deerskin gloves

Restelli gloves cashmere lining

Cashmere Zegna fabric scarf

Zegna cashmere fabric scarf

Are you ready for the busiest time of year? Have you already wrapped all the gifts to put under the tree? Have you hung the wreath outside the door?

If you still have some gifts to buy, and especially if you want to get a gift that lasts over time, we have not forgotten about you! For this Christmas a series of new items are available, both with the most classic products such as coats, trousers, knitwear and shirts, as well as accessories, such as wallets, leather credit card holders, and even wool and cashmere caps in new colors, a fresh assortment of Restelli gloves, as well as exclusive scarves, made by us in Lucca with Zegna fabrics.

Sonrisa pied de poule patterned shirt

Sonrisa Superior line shirt

Rota Pantaloni lana tweed azzurri

Rota wool tweed trousers

Orange moulinè wool crewneck

Mouliné wool crewneck

Schneiders giacca trapuntata

Schneiders quilted jacket

As if that’s not enough, for this year we also offer you the opportunity to give our Gift Cards, which can have different amounts to spend in the store and on the site, or they can even be vouchers for a tailor-made shirt, one of our most requested products, hand-made entirely by us.

We don’t know if we will emerge stronger from these strange times that prevail, but we are certainly learning the value of quality: not only of things, but of time, of people, of relationships. So we hope that you too will be able to focus on a quality Christmas, to share time with loved ones, and enjoy panettone together and live life at a slower pace. Looking forward to not only unwrapping gifts, but to a rich, full and sparkling new year.

Voucher for made-to-measure shirt

These are our greetings for you, with our best wishes for a quality Christmas and for a happy new beginning.

See you soon!