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“It is not enough to be born.
It is to be born again that we were born.
Every day.” (Pablo Neruda)

It’s now since the beginning of March that we’ve been enclosed in our homes, for our own good as well as that of those around us.
We can’t pretend otherwise… Italy fell ill and the rest of the world fell in her wake. We’ve had terribly dark days, and who knows how long the darkness will last. We will bear the scars of the wounds we all have, and any return to what we call “normalcy” will be a slow and uphill struggle, if an “as before” is even possible.
But in these past months, things have occurred that help us look to the future, whether or not it may be the same as yesterday. In our gardens spring has sprung under skies bluer than ever, sunshine has warmed us, the Earth has bloomed, life has gone on regardless and emerged in the buds, the flowers and the wildlife that has roamed our city streets.
After winter, the heavy coats, scarves around our necks and our thoughts trapped under wooly hats, we were ready to come out of hibernation. Now we’re ready to dive straight into summer! Never before have we felt such a desperate and literal need, in our lifetime, to get some air.

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With procedures that are new to us all, and in full respect of the norms and necessary precautions, our Lucca store will resume its activities: it’s possible as of today to place online orders on our website, deliveries will start up again and we have a new WhatsApp number to communicate directly with us.
Even our made to measure service is immediately available: precisely for this reason we’re studying new ways to shorten the distance between you and your items.
From Monday 18th May, our store will finally reopen its doors to our clients. We know that this new phase won’t be easy, but we’ll do all we can to make you feel at home. We’ll certainly wear masks, but while our smiles may be hidden underneath, you’ll see we’re even more sincere in our eyes. That’s how we plan to welcome you all: by keeping a distance that will be only physical given our joy at having you near once more.
We truly hope you’re all well, and to see you soon, we’ll be waiting!

Franco Montanelli
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