Clothes are a great passion

Clothes are a great passion.

Some people dream of having a big swimming pool. With me, it’s closets!”

Audrey Hepburn


If September is, for many, like a second New Year’s, October is for many symbolised by the seasonal closet change. For many, it’s a romantic season, in which you can admire the leaves as they turn, breathe in the crisp smells on woodland walks and drink hot teas snuggled in front of a good film. But for many others, to leave behind Summer routines and to adapt to the days as they shorten and to go back to a winter wardrobe is never easy.

And yet, to open the drawers and closets, to empty them, to put away t-shirts and bathing costumes, to pull out coats and jumpers, and maybe to dust off waterproofs has its own particular charmTo go back to sheltering ourselves after a Summer in the open air. To once again appreciate the warmth of a flannel shirt or of a scarf around our necks as the sun goes down or on wet and rainy days can be, in its own way, a kind of pleasure.

Sometimes we don’t recognise ourselves in the clothes of seasons past, and yet with very little we can renew an outfit and breathe new life to our wardrobe: a new shirt, new trousers, a jacket or accessory to match clothes we already have in different and original ways, they can all completely change our appearance, giving us a different light and making our image in the mirror unexpectedly fresh.  

At our shop in Lucca, or on the website, you can see our new Autumn/Winter 2020/2021, with items to match with your favourite clothes that you might not know what to wear with; to replace what you don’t wear or don’t like any more, or simply to give a touch of freshness and innovation to your closet. We are quite sure that all it takes is a small change to give a face to your wardrobe, so that nothing is wasted and without having to give up the idea of liking ourselves.

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Fun facts

The closet is not only a container for clothes, shoes and accessories. It is probably the piece of furniture that speaks most about us, that preserves our memories and most precious objects. It is not just part of the interior design but can be considered a guardian, which is perhaps why it has often been fundamental in the storylines of films. It was a hiding place for E.T., a door to a fantasy world in the Chronicles of Narnia, a secret passage for the Death Eaters in Harry Potter, but also a hiding place for lovers in the Tognazzi film Evil Thoughts, and a reflection of the world’s violence in Polansky’s Two men and a Wardrobe.

From the well know skeletons in the closet and other idioms, the closet can be more than a simple piece of furniture. It is a metaphor for empathy: a starting base to put ourselves in another’s shoes.