Our timings, our prices and your queries

  • How much time is needed to create a made-to-measure shirt?


Timings may vary depending on the number of shirts and the variety of materials chosen. A ballpark figure is approximately 15 days for one to three made-to-measure shirts.


  • What is the price of our made-to-measure shirts?


The price is determined by the quality of the fabrics chosen, the details (spares, initials, buttons…) and the number of shirts ordered.

A single made-to-measure basic model shirt has a starting price of 150 Euro; for an order of more than three shirts we apply a 10% discount.

Delivery costs to Italy and abroad are calculated with the order.


  • Do I need to make an appointment?


We suggest you contact us to make an appointment at our shop in Lucca, or to book an at-home visit or anywhere else you might prefer. Here are our contact details:


Telephone: +39 0583 440553 (during shop opening hours)

Whatsapp: +39 347 6731722

Email: info@francomontanelli.it


  • Can I place an order via e-mail, FaceTime, WhatsApp or other means of communication?


Yes, it’s possible to book a long-distance visit through all these portals during which you can choose your materials and models. As far as measurements are concerned, we provide you with the details we need for you to do your own self sizing.


We generally proceed as follows: book an appointment (in our shop, at home, in your office or wherever is most convenient for you), we take all the measurements and choose the material to make the first test shirt, which is usually ready in approximately two weeks for fittings.

We can agree to not make a test shirt and proceed directly to making the final product.


Once the shirt is approved, we record your measurements for future use.